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Lucky World inc is positive and passionate about the transportation industry; and we embrace change, improvement, and innovation. We believe in exceptional and friendly service to our customers and team members, and we are committed to our mission and values which we strive to meet everyday.

At Lucky World inc, the customer is always first. Every shipping or logistics problem is treated with the same urgency, because being on time and performing above expectations is what our customers deserve. Safety, quality, and reliability; these aren’t just buzzwords to us, they’re what we deliver every day.

We focus on the milestones of achieving the best and most consistent results. Our goal is to provide the best possible service. To run our business successfully, we focus on what we do best. So that our clients, brokers and drivers are happy at the same time. Lucky World success is a direct result of people’s daily work in the office or on the road!

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Lucky World Inc., Biometric Data Retention and Deletion Policy


We use Samsara’s hardware and software technology to manage our fleet and improve driver safety. Samsara’s Camera ID feature uses facial recognition information to enable us to assign drivers to vehicles, trips, and safety events in the Samsara dashboard. This enhances safety by increasing the efficacy of Samsara’s driver-based insights and also helps us maintain accurate logs of our operations.


The facial recognition information used by Camera ID is processed using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based software. Our policy is to protect, store, and delete any biometric data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act.

Retention and Destruction of Biometric Data

Camera ID information will be retained until 184 days after Lucky World Inc., either deactivates you from its Samsara account or disables Camera ID, at which point the Camera ID information, including any biometric data, will be permanently deleted.

A copy of our Biometric Data Policy is available upon request.